Bluesfest Touring

Mud Morganfield


Special Guests
Blind Boy Paxton in Sydney
and Hamish Anderson in Melbourne 

In 1954, the eldest son of Blues great Muddy Waters (McKinley Morganfield) was born. Mud Morganfield grew up surrounded by music, particularly the Blues, and played music all of his life; starting with the drums his dad gave him as a child, then moving on to the bass guitar. Supporting himself as a truck driver, just like his father did when he was first starting out, Morganfield didn’t seriously consider being a professional Blues musician until after Waters’ death in 1983, by which time Morganfield was already close to 30.

Possessing a baritone voice very much like his father’s, and blessed with similar vocal phrasing and a sense of how to command a stage, Morganfield made up for lost time, cutting his teeth on the southside of Chicago. He soon became a popular draw on the Blues club and festival circuit; mixing both original songs and Muddy Waters classics into his live sets.

Regarding his performances of Muddy Waters songs in addition to his own material, Morganfield says, “I started to sing to show the world that dad left me here. I love and am proud to sing his songs just like I love and will always be proud of him. I’m not Muddy Waters and I’m certainly not trying to be Muddy Waters. I’m Mud Morganfield but when I’m up on stage I always feel pops is there with me and it means so much that I can get on stage and keep his music alive around the world.” Mud is a dynamic performer and entertainer that can command the stage, engage the crowd, and wow them with some of the best true Chicago Blues they have ever seen.



“He’s the closest thing to Muddy I have ever heard. A real chip off the ol’ block. He’s got the genes. His pipes are just like Muddy. I heard him sing Elevate Me Mama and I got chills up my back.” 
- Paul Oscher – Muddy Waters’ harp player 1967-1971