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Ben Caplan (Solo)


Introducing Halifax, Canada’s very own Ben Caplan. This rugged, raspy and roaring gentleman, who we think you just have to hear, is to folklore what smoke is to bourbon - perfectly coupled. Ben’s songwriting is as bold in range as it is in ferocity. Fuelled by a quality of melodrama and powerful lyricism, it’s the romance and the manhood crashing with his voice that gives Ben a truly innovative and experimental artistry. A sound that bridges the gap between controlled composition and unruly passion.

“Caplan has an incredible live energy. His voice is strong and sturdy, like something you trust. His words feel like the truth and every bit of anguish he utters comes bellowing up from deep inside his belly.” - Alan Cross
Striding in pace Ben Caplan has marked his place in the Canadian music landscape with a growling spirit similar to that of Tom Waits or Seasick Steve. His tours have extended throughout the Commonwealth, the rhapsodic energy in his live show an elegant cacophony gaining attention around the world. Touring since 2006, this rugged rogue has just been nominated for 7 music Scotia Awards & performed at the rolodex of festivals. Now it’s our turn.

“With his heavy beard, ragged mop of hair and honey---coated voice, Caplan looks like he stepped out of
an ancient, seafaring novel. But his sound is gristled folk---blues with an Eastern European edge.”         - The Ottawa Sun
Breaking between guitar, banjo, piano, and melodica, Caplan’s stage show is almost reminiscent of a burly and bearded Freddy Mercury; a raging, strong, and exploratory songwriter. It’s the blues in his soul, and the heart in your chest pounding as one that lead to Ben Caplan being named the "Buzz Band of the 2012 East Coast Music Awards" By CBC Music and makes him an act not to be missed when he comes by your town after his Bluesfest debut next Easter.
Be there for his first ever Australian shows – Ben Caplan is a legend in the making!
Supporting Ben in his BLUE BEAT show on april 3 is Genevieve Chadwick
Supporting Ben at his NOTHCOTE SOCIAL CLUB show on april 4 is Lachlan Bryan

Also appearing at Bluesfest 2013